Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to fix Dell Latitude pre-boot authentication problem (Password / biometric) - Pre-boot authentication password generator / reset

You are frustrated; you turn the computer on and it gives you an error asking you to login using biometrics or to use a password, you get this error:

"This computer system,,#XXXXXXX-YYYY, is protected by a password authentication system. You Cannot Access the data on this computer without the correct password."

Then it either says: "Please type in the primary or administrator password and press Enter"
or it tells you to login / authenticate using biometric / fingerprint scanner (If it asks you to authenticate using biometric, just swipe your finger numerous times until it asks you to press enter and enter a password, then follow the steps below)

Well fear not! There are many services out there that can help you resolve this issue (Some asks you to pay money, Dell asks you to give the original owner info etc.) but the next one I'll give you is free, in case your service tag is in the compatible list.

If your service tag ends with: 595B, 2A7B, D35B, A95B, then you still have hope; follow this link: http://biospassword.eu/free/ and click on "Dell Bios/HDD" tab if it isn't already the current tab you are in, then enter your service tag in the field as asked (XXXXXXX-YYYY) where "XXXXXXX" is the number you enter as shown in the faulty computer. Click on calculate and it should give you a password down below, type that password (Case sensitive, follow the uppercase and lowercase carefully when you type) and press enter (you won't see the password being typed, just type it when it asks for you to type it or after you press enter), you should then be prompted with a menu that asks you to either press F1 or F2, press F2 and go in the BIOS settings and go to security > Password and retype the password in there but don't add a password anymore but click apply, this should remove the password and you should be able to boot the computer just fine.

These additional links might help you change your service tag if it does not belong to the list above:

I hope this resolved your issue, let me now if you have any other tips or if this worked for you!

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